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Professional IT Solutions & Social Services

Since our inception in 2010, we have grown from strength to strength. While we are based in the Louisville, KY area, with a focus on Information Technology (IT) and Cyber-Security, infrastructure, maintenance, cloud, administrative support services, management consultancy Services and Civil Engineering services. We provide services across the US Continental.

Cyber Security

We perform an assessment of internal and external risks, and then create a customized cybersecurity solution for your organization. We audit your systems and networks periodically, and work along with your IT team to ensure optimal security at all times.

Application Development

Our highly experienced and talented technical team is capable of creating applications designing database architecture, and crafting seamless enterprise application integration. We also prepare superior technology migration and routinely upgrade plans so that your software and applications remain current. If you are looking for customer engagement, we can create the ideal mobile application for your needs.

System Support

Our system support services ensure that your computing systems remain stable and efficient. The last thing you need is a system malfunction of any kind. Any system failure jeopardizes your brand and your credibility. With our system support, you never have to worry about the challenges of new technological advances, as we will provide the necessary upgrades to guarantee state-of-the-art technologies.

Cloud Solutions

We have a variety of cloud services, including data storage. You can rest assured knowing that your data will be stored securely in the cloud, away from prying eyes. We can help you comply with data storage and privacy laws not just in the US, but also in other parts of the world, wherever you have a presence.

Project Management

We excel in providing an objective and precise approach that allows you to evaluate and manage the various risks associated with project implementation. We use well-established techniques with leading concepts and practices that make it easier to transform your processes. We can handle complex IT initiatives, and ensure regulatory compliance, among others.

Administrative Support

Higher skilled workers are in demand, and some skill sets are difficult to find. Yet one thing remains constant—success in today’s competitive environment centers on your ability to get the best talent, with the right skills, when and where you need it.

IT Solutions & Social Services

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Contact (502) 290-8808 For More Information About Our Featured Services